A fully integrated Pluristyx powered by panCELLa offers an enlarged portfolio and aims to become the leading provider of iPSC and cell therapy services and solutions. The combined product and service offerings provide clients with the fastest path to clinic and the most optimal route to commercialization.   Pluristyx today offers a portfolio of iPSC-based products and services to provide end-to-end client support in early product development, while panCella offers an array of unique and effective technologies with particular strength in gene editing. The long-term focus of the company is to offer an expanding technology base and products and deepen operating capabilities to become the global leader in clinical-grade, genetically modified iPSCs with the lowest barrier to entry for cell therapy development.  

Operating across two locations – Seattle, Washington, and Toronto, Canada – we adapt our work approach to accommodate both onsite and remote arrangements, contingent upon the specific position. 

Please review our open positions and apply to all that match your qualifications.  Send us a cover letter and tell us about your background and what you find intriguing about the work that we do.
We look forward to hearing about your interests and getting to know you.

Current Openings